The best thing you can do for your morning routine might also be the single most overlooked beauty tip there is:
To look better, you need to see better. And to see better, you need the Gooseneck Make Up Mirror Pro.


Are you on your tiptoes in the bathroom, straining to lean over the sink for a close-up look? Applying a wobbly stroke of liner under the glare of the overhead bulb? Makeup should be about pampering yourself, so do as the pros do and make this 10x magnifying mirror par of your routine instead. Its adjustable design lets you comfortably see your face in detail, even without glasses – and when you're comfortable, you can calmly focus on what you're doing.





Magnification isn't the only thing helping you see better: powerful LEDs frame your face in a halo calibrated for natural illumination so you see colors as they truly are. The flexible gooseneck brings the mirror up close while the 360-degree swivel head allows you to view yourself from any angle. A locking suction cup secures the mirror to any flat surface (and detaches only when you want it to) so you can have it with you in the bathroom, at your vanity, or even in your hotel room.


 Whoever said lighting is everything was only partly right. Add in portability and magnification, and now you've got everything this mirror has to offer. It's a simple change that'll do more for your routine than any new mascara ever could. Beauty is in the details – make sure you can see those details with the Gooseneck Make Up Mirror Pro.



  1. Install the 3 x AAA batteries
  2. Find a clear and flat surface (at least 3.5" X 3.5"). Press and twist clockwise to lock till you hear a click
  3. Turn on the ON/OFF button to light up
  4. Adjust the angle for your desired position
  5. When you finish the makeup, turn off the ON/OFF button and twist counterclockwise to unlock the suction cup.





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